Lustig graf från DS18S20 i RRDTool

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Lustig graf från DS18S20 i RRDTool

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Variety and a ping pong DVD help build skills

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What are some ways that you will be able to push through your plateau? One of the first things that you should do is consider the people you play with often. Are they as good as you are? If they are just as good as you, or if they are not good, then you will want to find some other competitors to add to the mix. You will only be able to improve when you are facing real challenges. Better opponents will make you a better player because you have no choice but to improve or lose.

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Changing opponents is usually a good idea to keep you on your toes, but you need to make sure you're playing a full amount as well. If you want to reach the professional level one day, that means you will have to play the game every day. It takes dedication.

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Re: Lustig graf från DS18S20 i RRDTool

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finns ingen bild...

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