Install Qubino flush 2 relays?.

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Re: Install Qubino flush 2 relays?.

Inlägg av supportM » 14 maj 2020, 08:34

iosman001 skrev: 13 maj 2020, 12:53 Hello,

I'm getting mad at the electrical installation of this relay. Is there anyone who can help me get it right?
I want to be able to use both the old mechanical switches and the relay fully. The threads that go into the current state are; two zeros (one yellow and one orange) and two phase wires (brown). On the switch, the phases go into the same "clamp", marked L. The
relay has the inputs; I1, I2, Q2, Q1, L, N.
According to the instruction, Qi and Q2 should be connected to the resistor / lamp and then to zero. How should this go to and which of the zeros? What do you mean? The N input should also be connected to the zero. But again, what zero, I have two?


Unfortunately we aren't allowed to help with unauthorized electrical installation in Sweden, so can't give you exact help. However, Zero is also called "Common ground". I.e all zeros are connected together.

If you need more assistance I would highly suggest you contact Qubino directly. They have an awesome support and responds quickly. You can reach them here:

//Erik K @